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A selection of news updates, our media articles and analytical pieces, each exploring critical legal and policy questions in Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

What does it mean to grant a natural feature the rights of legal personhood?

Landscape News, Interview with Dr Liz Machperson hERE.

Ensuring Indigenous benefit from large-scale renewable energy projects

Drawing on experience from extractive industry agreement making and the importance of policy settings. Read CAEPR Working PAPer By O’Neill, THorburn and Hunt here.

Meet the River People

SOME Rivers now have the same legal rights as a person. But Who Speaks for Rivers? Read in Stuff.CO.NZ here.

Harmony With Nature - an Earth Centred Approach

What is Earth-Centred Law? Read Dr Macpeherson's DIscussion Paper for the UN's 'HArmony With Nature' Knowledge Network HERE.

Trust and relationship building in native title negotiations

Read about Lessons Learned in Dr O'Neill's article for the Australian Dispute Resolution Research Network here.

Meet the River People

Rivers become legal persons in New Zealand, India and Colombia

Read HERE.

Regulating wind farms out of Victoria

Read more in the COnversation HERE.

Legal rights for NATURE - The Case of Rio Atrato, Colombia

Read here

Water in the NT: The history of Aboriginal exclusion has lessons for future policy.

Read in the Conversation Here.

From little things: the role of the Aboriginal customary law report in Mabo

Read in the Conversation Here.

The biggest threat to culture is not an LNG plant

Read in the Guardian here.

The Quiet Revolution: the Resources boom and Its impact on Aboriginal communities In WA.

Read in the Conversation Here.

The limitations of Indigenous Water Rights in the Proposed Murray Darling Basin Plan