Cumulus Consulting

Who we are

Researchers. Advisors.

Facilitators. Trainers.


Our team has decades of experience researching, developing and advising on the regulation of natural resources and the environment.

We hold valuable practical knowledge about the process of policy-making acquired during many years working in government, legal practice and in leading Australian and international universities.

We represent experience in international natural resources and environmental policy development and regulation, particularly in Australia, New Zealand, South America, Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. 



Meet our team

We are researchers, policy advisors, facilitators and trainers with academic, government,

private and community sector backgrounds. 


Professor Lee Godden

I am a leading environmental and natural resource lawyer and researcher.  I have over thirty years of experience advising governments, international organisations and companies in these areas, including heading major government reviews.


Dr Angus Frith

I've had nearly thirty years of experience as a legal practitioner and academic, working largely in the field of Indigenous land rights and native title. I've worked on litigation, governance, establishing and modifying entity structures, tax, natural resource management and agreement making.


Dr Elizabeth Macpherson

I have fifteen years of experience advising governments, private sector and communities on natural resources, environment and indigenous policy and regulation in Australia, New Zealand and Chile. I am also a current expert member of the United Nations' Harmony With Nature Knowledge Network.


Dr Lily O'Neill

I am an environmental and natural resource researcher with nearly fifteen years of experience in natural resource benefit sharing agreements; corporate social responsibility; and natural resource, environmental and native title law.