Cumulus Consulting


Renewable Energy & environmental POLICY


We are a specialist policy and research consulting group working with governments, private and community organisations.

We provide independent consulting services to develop best practice renewable energy, natural resource and environmental policy.

Our focus is Australia, New Zealand, the Asia-Pacific and South America.

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What we do

We work with you to answer real and pressing policy and regulation questions, informed by industry knowledge and academic expertise.

Types of work

  • conducting and facilitating stakeholder consultation and workshops

  • developing and delivering tailored training and seminars

  • comparative literature and regulatory reviews

  • research reports

  • policy and regulatory proposal development

  • development of discussion and consultation papers

  • law reform submissions and proposals

  • evaluation, transparency and accountability reviews.


  • commonwealth, state and local governments 

  • private entities, including industry and professional organisations

  • community organisations.





Areas of expertise

  • energy regulation and transition to renewable energy

  • freshwater and marine resource management

  • Indigenous land and resource rights

  • urban, regional and rural planning

  • climate change adaptation and resilience

  • mining and extractive industries

  • forestry governance

  • corporate social responsibility frameworks.



We are a regionally-based, committed team with specialist expertise, practical experience and strong community, government and academic networks. 


  1. We have specialist expertise backed by real world experience across different regulatory environments and countries. 

  2. We have a history of working with Indigenous and non-Indigenous stakeholders to identify, develop and achieve tangible outcomes.

  3. We draw on specialist, international networks across communities, government and leading academia to inform our work. 

  4. We have experience across the entire policy cycle: from idea to development, rollout and review.

  5. We are a small, regionally-based and independent team. We are committed to listening to our clients, engaging with their needs and working with them to achieve outcomes.  


Meet our team here.